Dale Ann Springer

With a prevailing goal of providing a pathway to drug free health and wellness, Ms. Dale Springer has called upon her scientific background and experience to achieve that objective.    At age 16 while girls were encouraged to become  “domestic engineers” Ms. Springer earned her Radio Engineering and Operating License.  She broke the broadcast glass ceiling becoming one of the youngest women to have her own radio show.  For her work and success at KDFM in Walnut Creek, California, she received the Bank of America Vocational Trophy. 

 Shortly after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree she provided inspiration to 7th and 8th graders teaching math, science and, of all things, automotive mechanics.  However, her strong desire to delve deeper into technology resulted in a sales position with a firm supporting bacteriology and cancer research.   Her career path took the fast track where she became one of the first woman Vice Presidents for a division of General Signal.  There at Ultratech Stepper she led the team that took the leading-edge semiconductor equipment company from start-up to over $100 million in three years. 

Her accomplishments continued, serving as Vice President for several successful Silicon Valley companies and helping to introduce technology that is a crucial part of integrated circuits today.  On the executive level she was part of corporate teams that orchestrated successful mergers and public offerings.  And she was part of an M&A company performing due diligence on prospective enterprises.  The entrepreneurial Ms. Springer also founded an electronic consumer products company, which developed and marketed a break-through telecommunications device.

A severe injury left her with devastating chronic pain.  During her five-year quest to mitigate the handicap she discovered an innovative holistic approach.  It was such a huge relief to finally be free of her debilitating condition that it was an easy decision to now dedicate her life to sharing her findings with as many people as possible. 

 But first it was necessary to refine the technology and package it in such a way as to be not only effective but also convenient and inexpensive.  Assembling a team of incredible and dedicated professionals a product was developed that accomplished all her goals.   However, Ms. Springer, thinking way outside the box, realized that the system could also serve as the platform for a much broader and equally wonderful application: a vehicle for giving people a new and effective way to help achieve their goals, regardless of what it is.  So began her mission to assemble a Library of Wisdom authored by the world’s leading experts in their field. 

 To date there are over 600 such Program Segments produced exclusively for users of the Master Key, covering a broad range diverse subjects from business success to healthy sleep.  Ms. Springer’s journey along the pathway of enabling people to have drug free health and wellness is well on its way.